Our Hunts



  • This past season, our clients experienced a 75% opportunity rate and an 50% success rate.  We specialize in putting you on that buck of a lifetime and the excellent hunting in Kentucky affords us the opportunity to do that.  Velvet hunts, rut hunts and gun season, we’ve got the package that fits your need.
  • 130″ Minimum
  • Meals & Lodging Included
  • Don’t forget to tip your guides and staff!
Success Rate
Average Size
Huntable Acres



  • Our velvet deer hunts yield excellent success rates and the opportunity at a giant trophy whitetail in velvet.  These hunts take place the first week of September, and are often booked in advanced.  Kentucky Velvet Hunts are highly sought after hunts, and we’ve got some of the best ground to put you on that velvet buck of a lifetime.
  • Early season opportunities
  • Velvet bucks on summer feed patterns
  • Hunt high-opportunity velvet giants

Archery & Rut


  • We offer hunts throughout the archery season into the rut.  This is a great time to get after giant mid-western Kentucky bucks.  Our managed properties allow us to create an exciting rut hunt, where anything can happen!
  • Hunt the Whitetail Rut
  • Great Buck-to-Doe ratios
  • The anticipation of the Rut never disappoints



  • Kentucky’s regular firearms season usually hits at the back-half of the Rut.  Our properties are littered with great timber, agricultural fields, and strategically placed stands to allow you the opportunity to catch that big buck on his feet.
  • Extended range opportunities with firearms season
  • Late Muzzleloader opportunities
  • Catch the tail end of the Rut



  • We have a great population of turkeys in Western Kentucky.  With over 4000 acres to hunt, we can put you on an exciting day of turkey hunting.
  • Excellent turkey population
  • 3 day and day rates available



  • We have purchased an established waterfowl hunting outfit in Saskatchewan!  Some of the best waterfowl hunting in Canada.
  • 3 day (5 Hunt)
  • Lodging Included



Pricing does not include Taxes & Gratuity.  Gratuity runs on average 15-20% the cost of your hunt.

Archery Velvet

Early September
First 4 Days of Season
Meals & Lodging included
Extra Days @ $200/day

Archery Whitetail

Pre-Rut & Rut Hunts
Meals & Lodging included
Extra Days @ $200/day

Rifle Season

3 - 5 Day hunts during Rifle Season
Meals & Lodging included
Extra Days @ $250/day

Late Muzzle Loader

4 Day Hunt in Late MZ
Meals & Lodging included
Extra Days @ $250/day

Late Archery

January Hunt, Late Archery
Meals & Lodging included
Hunt late season food sources
Transportation Included

Turkey Hunting

April & May
Any 3 days April/May
Meals & Lodging included
Youth Weekend in Apr: $1000
Fully Guided: $1800

Saskatchewan Waterfowl

3 Days, 5 hunts
Lodging included
Group Discounts Available

The Hunt

Your hunting days are full days, you will arrive at camp the day before and leave the day after.  All hunts include Meals & Lodging.  Transportation can be provided to and from surrounding airports.

What's Included

Meals & Lodging are included with your hunt as well as transportation during the hunt.  Transportation to and from the local airports is also available and can be arranged.

Our guides and staff work on tips.  They work their hardest to ensure that your hunt is an excellent experience.  It is customary to tip in the 15-20% range on the price of the hunt.

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